Carolinas Parking Association Mission

“The Carolinas Parking Association is a professional association of parking administrators, practitioners, suppliers, vendors and consultants formed for the purposes of acquiring knowledge; encouraging professional development; providing mutual support, and creating an environment for professional interaction.

Membership is open to government bodies, authorities, colleges, universities, hospitals, airports, corporations, other types of businesses and individuals associated with the parking industry, and to others supporting the organization’s objectives.

The Carolinas Parking Association is affiliated with the International Parking Institute, and seeks to appeal to both the large and small institution, municipality, operator or business person with an interest in both national and regional parking related issues.”

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Meet The 2014 Sponsors

The Board of Directors and all of the CPA membership would like to thank the below organizations that graciously support the Carolinas Parking Association and our mission.

2015 Vendor Attendees
Presidents Letter

BOOTH 1              AIMS/EDC

BOOTH 2              Metromont

BOOTH 3              Secom International

BOOTH 5              Eco Lighting

BOOTH 6              CPA/IPI

BOOTH 7             Schweerz Technology

BOOTH 11            Alliance Bus

BOOTH 12            Southern Time Equip

BOOTH 13            Southern Time Equip

BOOTH 14            CramZMarketing

BOOTH 21            AngelTrax

BOOTH 22            Charge Point

BOOTH 23            Smart Parcs

BOOTH 24            Interstate Transportation

BOOTH 25            Osborn Contract Svcs

BOOTH 26            Liquid October

BOOTH 28            Hannah Solar

BOOTH 29            Advance

BOOTH 30            Advance

BOOTH 31            IPS

BOOTH 32            Carl Walker

BOOTH 33            Carolina Time

BOOTH 34            The Toledo Ticket

BOOTH 35            First Group

BOOTH 36            Palmetto Bus

BOOTH 37            Stone Restoration

BOOTH 38            Kimley-Horn

BOOTH 39            Kimley-Horn

BOOTH 40            Cardinal Tracking

BOOTH 41            WWLC

BOOTH 42            Valet Ticket Solutions

BOOTH 43            Walker Parking Consul

BOOTH 44            AiPhone

BOOTH 45            ComSonics

BOOTH 46            Innovative Parking

BOOTH 47            Cale America

BOOTH 51            Res-Tek


Dear Members, Friends and Colleagues:

I want to welcome you all to Carolinas Parking Association 2015! I also want to thank all of our members, sponsors, exhibitors and the volunteers who assisted us in finishing  2014 with our most successful Annual Conference and Trade Show held in Cherokee, NC where we saw record breaking attendance, sponsorships and exhibitor participation.  Finally, a special thank you is in order to the International Parking Institute (IPI) for their ongoing support to us as an affiliate organization.

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Presidents Letter